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About the Website Toolbox Pro Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Program! Website Toolbox Pro Affiliate Program is handled by RegNow, a specialist in software affiliate programs. Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission by selling the Website Toolbox Pro software through your web site or newsletter.

Signing up to become an Affiliate is quick and easy. Simply sign up as a member of the RegNow Affiliate Service. After that, simply place a link on your web site to our program, and you will be paid a 30% commission for each product sold. It could not be easier!

If you already have a RegNow affiliate account, then simply use the below links along with your ID (replace XXXXX with your RegNow affiliate ID, digits only).

Certified Affiliate Program

Website Toolbox Pro Affiliate Program is certified by RegNow that guarantees that our affiliates will receive credit for sales they drive to us by ensuring that our site or product does not contain leakage. (Leakage consists of anything that prevents an affiliate from receiving credit for a sale that originated from the affiliate.)

What are the costs of being part of the RegNow Affiliate Network?

Nothing! You sign up, your account is created and your links are created instantly. You make money when you make sales. You will have your own real-time reporting pages so that you can see your account balance anytime.

Start Selling

Below we provide a link to purchase of Website Toolbox Pro as well as an affiliate link to our website. These links set tracking cookies. This allows your users to visit our site for more info, and then still give you credit for the sale when they purchase later (NOTE: Replace XXXXX with your RegNow affiliate ID, digits only):

Product Name: Website Toolbox Pro

Price: $46.75

Short Description: Over 30 tools, generators and scripts for webmasters and web designers.

Buy Now Link:

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“Very Nice Work With This App!”

“This is a really great tool! I really like the robots.txt, favicon, meta tags, and niche theme generators. The magic palettes color generator is very cool as well. Very nice work with this app!”

— Janea Taylor

“A Large Range Of Useful Applications In One Tool...”

“This is a brilliant piece of software, combining a large range of useful (and much needed) applications in one tool. Not only that, but each application appears to offer more in terms of the number and variety of uses than most other similar single software offers. And it's do easy to use! I am not a particularly experienced software user, but found Website Toolbox Pro a delight to use. This is a 'must' for anybody working online.”

— Pete Tunbridge
Tully, Far North Queensland, Australia

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