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Website Toolbox Pro Update: Version 2.6

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Website Toolbox Pro update is ready. The latest version number is 2.6. Download now.

What’s new in this version?
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How Do I Make Gradient Text In Photoshop With No Background?

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I want just the text, no background. I tried selecting transparent background when I first made the template but that didn’t work. Is there any other way I can remove the white background from the text so I can just take the text and import it in there? How about with Adobe Illustrator, is there an easier way with that?

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Why Won’t My IMG Load?

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I’m doing a project for school basicly making a website and I did the command
<img src="fruit-salad.jpg">

But when I save, it shows an X in the corner. Can you help?

The path to the image is incorrect…

Instead of using a relative path (ie: fruit-salad.jpg) try using an absolute path (ie:

Picture Change On Click Without Javascript

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Do you know how to make a picture change when you click it, and then change back when you click it again? Preferably without Javascript if possible.
You can’t do something like that without Javascript. A mouse click is an event, and there is no way to process events but with Javascript. Use the onclick property of the img, div or a tag.

How To Make Google Crawl And Index My Images Folder?

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Perhaps I should put a sitemap.xml file in there or robot.txt, or put an index.html with listed links to each image in the folder?
Please tell me :)
That’s right, you should either create a sitemap file, such as sitemap.xml, using the sitemap format, and submit it to Google, or simply create an HTML file with listed links to each image. Don’t forget to link to that HTML file from somewhere on your site, so that Google could find it out.

Rounded Corner Table In Dreamweaver

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How do I make a rounded corner table in Dreamweaver?

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Photo Thumbnail Help?

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I need to take a photo centered on a web page, and shrink it to approximately 1/4 of it's size while moving it to the top right corner of the page.

I have ACDSee, and Gimp. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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