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How Often Should I Change Meta Tags In My Site?

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I have a website, where I constantly add new information, so the site is changing. This is not everyday, but at least a couple of times per week. Newsletter, tips, etc, are put on the site. The content changes, but the subject matter does not. I want to keep the relevant in the search engine lists. How often should I update meta tags or does it matter since the subject matter does not change (same topics, new info)? Also, will changing meta tags too often "penalize" my site. I have never used a submission service because I was told they really don't work. Any thoughts on this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Googlebot And Webserver Questions

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I am having problems with web server(s) getting bogged down by google bots. I am looking for more information and help on this specific topic.

The site that the google bots are looking up is HUGE- dozens of pages with hundreds of links. Google appears to be crawling the site at 5 minute intervals and all of this indexing (or whatever its doing) is taking up resources nad costing big money. I am afraid if I put a robots.txt file that the site will not come up as high on the google search page.

Any help or info? I have found plenty of info that tells me "this is what a web crawler is" but nothing goes past that.

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How Do I Get My Site On Google?

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I am getting ready to up up my website, and would like it listed on Google, can I do this for free, and do I need a robots.txt file and if I do what need to go in to it? so far My robots.txt file looks like this:


is that all I need?

I have never used a robots.txt file.

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Robots.txt File And The Search Engines

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What should I do with the robots.txt file in order to have my site found with the search engines?

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Wordpress Integration Questions?

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I contacted my webhost to find out on whether I can run Wordpress?

I’m an absolute beginner. I want to be able to keep my site fresh and up to date with articles and images. And I’m assuming Wordpress can get the job done. The thing is my site was developed using xhtml and css. How can I integrate Wordpress for this site?

My site is hosted under Windows Platform. It support PHP, MySQL but do not support for mod_rewrite Apache module. I’ve been told by my host that I might need to transfer to Linux Platform.

Now what do I do? What is this mod_rewrite Apache module. What does it do? And what is my next plan? Do I move to a Linux platform as advised or can I still use Wordpress with the Windows platform?

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How Search Engines Work (Please Look Inside)?

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A few questions.

1. How do seach engines find things about what a website is about besides useing the <meta> tag?

2. How can you get the top result on a search engine if your basic thing is put in. (Ex. Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, right now the (just about) only way to find out site is to type in a nearby location)

3. Is the only way that search engines find things are by robots and by people submitting URLs?

4. How does your URL affect the search results?

5. How much does it cost to pay search engines to be the first results?

6. Is there a simple way to submit your site to a whole bunch of search engines at once?

7. Is there any other ways besides the <meta> tag to add tags to your result?

If you want to add more, feel free!

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How To Make Google Crawl And Index My Images Folder?

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Perhaps I should put a sitemap.xml file in there or robot.txt, or put an index.html with listed links to each image in the folder?
Please tell me :)
That’s right, you should either create a sitemap file, such as sitemap.xml, using the sitemap format, and submit it to Google, or simply create an HTML file with listed links to each image. Don’t forget to link to that HTML file from somewhere on your site, so that Google could find it out.

Can Search Engines Index Precompiled Web Sites?

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Are search engine bots able to index precompiled Web applications?

I don’t know about other server-side technologies, but ASP.NET compiler provides the option of generating a complete application as a compiled DLL.

As the content is all compiled and is in binary, how will search bots be able to crawl through the content and index words, meta tags, etc?

Yes, it can. The server side web application generates HTML for the user to view on their browser. Google bots simply look at this generated HTML like a user does.