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How Search Engines Work (Please Look Inside)?

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A few questions.

1. How do seach engines find things about what a website is about besides useing the <meta> tag?

2. How can you get the top result on a search engine if your basic thing is put in. (Ex. Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, right now the (just about) only way to find out site is to type in a nearby location)

3. Is the only way that search engines find things are by robots and by people submitting URLs?

4. How does your URL affect the search results?

5. How much does it cost to pay search engines to be the first results?

6. Is there a simple way to submit your site to a whole bunch of search engines at once?

7. Is there any other ways besides the <meta> tag to add tags to your result?

If you want to add more, feel free!

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I Can’t See Favicon, What Should I Do?

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How to add favicon to my site? I am doing something wrong…
I added <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="favicon.ico"> between head section, my icon is 16×16 format .ico and is named favicon.ico. So what is going wrong?

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