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How Often Should I Change Meta Tags In My Site?

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I have a website, where I constantly add new information, so the site is changing. This is not everyday, but at least a couple of times per week. Newsletter, tips, etc, are put on the site. The content changes, but the subject matter does not. I want to keep the relevant in the search engine lists. How often should I update meta tags or does it matter since the subject matter does not change (same topics, new info)? Also, will changing meta tags too often "penalize" my site. I have never used a submission service because I was told they really don't work. Any thoughts on this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Can Search Engines Index Precompiled Web Sites?

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Are search engine bots able to index precompiled Web applications?

I don’t know about other server-side technologies, but ASP.NET compiler provides the option of generating a complete application as a compiled DLL.

As the content is all compiled and is in binary, how will search bots be able to crawl through the content and index words, meta tags, etc?

Yes, it can. The server side web application generates HTML for the user to view on their browser. Google bots simply look at this generated HTML like a user does.