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How Do I Get My Site On Google?

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I am getting ready to up up my website, and would like it listed on Google, can I do this for free, and do I need a robots.txt file and if I do what need to go in to it? so far My robots.txt file looks like this:


is that all I need?

I have never used a robots.txt file.

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How To Make Google Crawl And Index My Images Folder?

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Perhaps I should put a sitemap.xml file in there or robot.txt, or put an index.html with listed links to each image in the folder?
Please tell me :)
That’s right, you should either create a sitemap file, such as sitemap.xml, using the sitemap format, and submit it to Google, or simply create an HTML file with listed links to each image. Don’t forget to link to that HTML file from somewhere on your site, so that Google could find it out.