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Is There A Shortcut Key In Windows To Show Me The Date?

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I always need to check the date. I do this by hovering my mouse over the time in the lower right hand corner. It would be a lot faster if I had a shortcut key that would just tell me the date. Is there one?
You can always expand your taskbar up one notch. That way it will always display the date. You can also move your quick launch bar to the bottom which frees up visible space for your running applications.

Wordpress Integration Questions?

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I contacted my webhost to find out on whether I can run Wordpress?

I’m an absolute beginner. I want to be able to keep my site fresh and up to date with articles and images. And I’m assuming Wordpress can get the job done. The thing is my site was developed using xhtml and css. How can I integrate Wordpress for this site?

My site is hosted under Windows Platform. It support PHP, MySQL but do not support for mod_rewrite Apache module. I’ve been told by my host that I might need to transfer to Linux Platform.

Now what do I do? What is this mod_rewrite Apache module. What does it do? And what is my next plan? Do I move to a Linux platform as advised or can I still use Wordpress with the Windows platform?

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